What Are Warts? How can they be Removed?

The medical name for warts is verruca vulgaris meaning vulgar wart. Warts are bumps of dead skin tissue that cover the center which is infected by a certain virus. Warts are not liked by people and this is the reason why most people are always in the look out of the best tips for removing warts. Warts are generally caused by HPV which is a highly contagious virus. It is transmitted by way of direct contact with people already suffering from warts and with things that have been touched by the warty folks. The 5 top tips that can help people in removing warts are as follows:

Immune Therapy

Immune therapy is generally done by way of injecting a very minuscule amount of immune reaction causing substances under the wart. The reaction helps in bringing HPV to the direct attention of the immune system. This helps in get rid of warts in the most effective manner. The most common substance used in immune therapy is Candida extract. Candida is basically a yeast which is found on the human skin.



Liquid nitrogen can be used for freezing warts. This can cause frostbite in the wart area resulting in the direct destruction of wart. this also alerts the immune system of the presence of HPV in the human skin. However, in order to get good relief, several freezing rounds might be needed.

Wartrol Helps in Treating Warts

Wartrol works in the form of a homeopathic supplement made from organic and active ingredients. It helps an individual get easy riddance from warts without having to experience any negative effects. It is more of a natural treatment that can be used very easily and at the same time it is also very efficient. Click on the following link to find out how to use Wartrol.

Skin Soak

Soaking the skin in lukewarm water for more than five or ten minutes and applying salicylic acid liberally by making use of brush can help in getting rid of warts.

Applying Cantharidin

Cantharidin is a fast-acting chemical which helps in burning the wart. This chemical can be very expensive. On the other hand, it is also important for individuals to consult a doctor before using this chemical on the skin. This is because it can have some major side effects.